How Important Is Privacy In The Office?


There are number of reasons why having some privacy in the office is important – whether it be an important business call or a private discussion with a colleague, we all need some privacy every once in a while. At Apex, we have a wide range of products and solutions that will make your office a space where your privacy will never be an issue.

So why is privacy so important to us?

Privacy is important for productivity, personal space, trust and respect for one another, which is why it is an aspect that should be prioritised when planning your new office.

At Apex, we take every detail into account – from the furniture and arrangement of desks to ensuring the inclusion of private areas or meeting spaces that will help give workers the space they need whenever they need it. A lack of privacy in the workspace can hinder an employee’s productivity, which is why it’s so important to consider soundproofing options and private areas when redoing or planning a new office.

Equally,  access to private space for private conversations and meetings is important to making everyone feel comfortable and safe in the office. Constant background noise, interruptions and distractions can hinder an employee’s concentration and productivity which is why Apex have a number of solutions with sound-proofing and sound-reducing capabilities that are essential to controlling noise levels and protecting those important private discussions in the office.

Our design and space planning will ensure that each employee has the space they need to feel comfortable and work efficiently. Apex plan and design your office to make each space as efficient as possible and can customise an office plan to give you as much or as little privacy as you need, depending on your office culture and style of work.

We’ve picked three essentials for improved privacy in the office that can also maximize employee productivity:

  1. Soundproof panels that can absorb sound to keep noise distraction to a minimum and that are also aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Inclusion of private meeting rooms and areas with lockable doors for seclusion when you need it.
  3. Soundproof partitions between desk spaces that will make each employee feel that they have a more private desk area

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Office Lighting

An integral part of any office design is the lighting. The lighting of any office can influence the health, motivation and performance of employees. Lighting is important from health and safety perspective and the impact it has on the workers and in turn the business.

Low Level Lighting

Not just for the aeroplanes, this can be used to eliminate workplace trips and falls. If an area is well lit it helps to see any hazards and to avoid them.

Desk Lighting 

If the lighting is poor,  your employees could suffer with eye strain or fatigue. Neither are good for your business or the employee, so always make sure the desk lighting is correct.


Another reason you need good lighting is due to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Seasonal Affective Disorder, both of which can be caused by poor lighting. Sufferers complain of being extremely lethargic, irritable and having no energy. These illnesses can lead to depression, which can in turn lead to sick days for long periods of time.

How to avoid having bad lighting 

You first need to look at the building and its uses. For example, LED lighting will deliver unrivalled brightness. Create a bright space from meeting rooms to kitchens with LED lights.  LED light panels can produce 500-5000 lumens of enhanced light, depending on the size and colour you choose.

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National Receptionist Day

Did you know 11th May is National Receptionist Day?

National Receptionists’ Day was first launched in the USA to celebrate the role of professional receptionists. It is a special day to recognise and appreciate all the things that receptionists do for an organisation.

We would like to celebrate it by showcasing our latest reception desks that add a real wow factor to your office.

From LED Logo Lighting to Personalised Desks we can offer the perfect reception desk and chairs for you.

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Rotating Tables for hotels, schools and conference centres

Era Rotating table location

For schools, conference centres and hotels the rotating tables are perfect. They can be put together for large boardroom configuration, classroom style or when they aren’t needed can be moved to the side. The way they fold up ensures they do not take up a large amount of much needed space.

  • ‘Tip up and drive away’ for ingenious space-saving storage
  • Engage-and-lock system stops table shaking when in use
  • Works equally well as standalone or in rows
  • Lockable castors for easy transportation
  • Durable polished chrome finish
  • Wide range of table finishes available

How to create a boardroom that means business

As the kitchen is often the heart of the home, the boardroom tends to be the heart of the office. This vital space is used for meetings, interviews and introductions and finalising important deals. The boardroom has to be impressive, comfortable and equipped with the latest technology.

Here are some handy tips on things to consider when designing your boardroom:

What is the boardroom used for? Not every business has a row of meeting rooms and a boardroom. The boardroom may have to be a flexible space that can support a variety of functions, from formal meetings to informal internal events, the space must be fit for purpose.

The Boardroom Table – From round circular intimate tables to long narrow tables, the choice says a lot about your office. The finish can range from traditional walnut to a modern white gloss finish. The materials and colours can be chosen to match your brand. Your table may include power points for a wireless finish whilst remaining practical.

Chairs – Firstly think of how many you need. This sounds simple but going back to what your table is for, you may want to think about how many staff members you have and how many clients may attend a meeting. The chairs can provide the wow factor in terms of colour and design.

Focal points – A focal point that has meaning to your company is a great talking point. For example team photos and company achievements are a great focal point. For something more subtle, artwork can enhance the interior design whilst emphasising that your company is creative.

TVs/Screens – With technology being a focus for most businesses the boardroom often houses a TV Screen. Its important that everyone can see the TV as it may be used for presentations or video conferencing. Why not have the screen displaying your logo when it’s not on?

Decoration and Finish – It is important to ensure the room is decorated properly to give a professional finish.

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Keeping your educational venue organised!

If you manage a nursery, school or college you will understand the necessity to keep everything in order. To help with this we have listed our top pieces of educational furniture that help keep your classroom tidy.

EF0212EF8110 Lime PropsEF1900 TangerineCH001 All Colours

From tables to lunch bags, the above storage solutions can help to keep your venue organised. The first picture shows the stacking tables that are great addition to any educational establishment. These are perfect for exam days when single desks need to be set up and taken down quickly.

The lunch bag trolley comes in a range of colours. Imagine how organised your lunchtime will be when you wheel out the children’s lunch bags in this?

The sports trolley keeps everything from hula hoops to balls in their place. As this is on wheels it can be easily pushed to sports halls, outside netball areas and more.

These fun coloured coat hooks are a great way to welcome your little people to their classroom, giving them a safe space to hang their jackets.

MEQ4000 Shallow Primary ABook Shelf MEQ3116 Brights EF6004Beech Props


Everyone knows art class can be messy, but this unit keeps everything neat and tidy. The open area at the top allows for creative materials to be stored.

The simple shelf keeps books in order, whether its nursery rhymes or educational books this shelf can be added to any classroom or communal area.

We have a huge range of coloured tubs in a variation of shelving units that keep everything from toys to personal items in order. Let us create a configuration that works for your venue.

The music trolley is handy for housing the fun items needed for any music lesson. The mix of tubs, shelving and hooks ensures its keeps everything where it should be.

For more information on educational furniture please contact us on:

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The Third Space

If you work in office furniture or office refurbishments you will be familiar with the term The Third Space. However if you work in another industry you may be left baffled, so let us explain what this new buzzword is all about.

The easiest way is to think of The Third Space as a place between our workstations and formal meeting rooms. As technology is changing so are our office spaces. A lot of companies have introduced hot desks meaning employees are no longer tied down to one desk or space. This increases the need for more informal meeting spaces and places to work – this is where The Third Space comes in!

Here are a few ways that our clients use The Third Space:

– An informal, comfortable bur private meeting room that doesn’t necessarily need to be sound proof, but avoids the formality of booking a meeting room
– A quiet collaborative space for brainstorming
– Creating an escape from the normal meeting space and desk to increase creativity

Replacing some of the traditional desks with more modern working areas can result in a more efficient work setting.

The Third Space

Top Tips for Office Refurbishment

You have been given the job to manage your office refurbishment but where do you start?

Here are our top tips to help the move go smoothly:

Set yourself realistic deadlines and give yourself time to organise the installation of your phone lines, internet and any other technical requirements. For nearly every business its imperative to stay connected.

Give someone the task of keeping everyone informed of the office design, why not even ask their opinion using simple surveys? It helps to get everyone involved and feel motivated. Some people don’t like change and may have questions so its important to put their mind at rest.

Have you just signed the contract because you are busy or really read it? Do you have the right to make alternations to your building? Is it leased or grade II listed? Check access and lease terms before commencing.

Its important to set a budget and be realistic, remember its not everyday you refurbish your office. The impact the new design will have on staff morale will pay back quickly.

There may be a time when staff need to move out on a temporary basis for Health and Safety reasons. Remote working from either a temporary office or even home may work, but put a plan in place now so if it happens you are ready to manage the situation.

We always suggest clients use this time to de-clutter, its a great way to cut your budget and only plan for storage you really need!

Technology moves so quickly its always a great time to consider if there is anyway to future proof your office. We currently install wireless chargers within office furniture, creating a stylish wireless office.

To talk to us today about your office refurbishment email us on

Have you ever found it hard to decide how to layout your office furniture or even which colour to pick?

The Organic Office App helps you to pick and choose a variety of colours and finishes until you are happy.  This clever app also helps you to move the furniture around to create different layouts to ensure you choose something that works for you.

The Organic Office app allows users the opportunity to individually select different layouts, combinations, elements, materials and finishes, to view the result in 3D.

For more information on this app simply download here and for any enquiries please contact us on or call us 01582 492434.


Electronic Height Adjustable Desk

It may be a new craze in the UK but Sit-Stand adjustable desks have been widely used in Scandinavia for years. Over 90% of office workers enjoy the benefits.

Why Stand?

  • Sitting for long periods has been shown to damage health
  • It helps to control weight as additional activity burns off excess calories, did you know humans burn an extra 60 calories per hour when standing
  • Reduce Aches & Tension.
  • It keeps you in better shape physically
  • It increases the ability to focus and concentrate more effectively
  • Standing provides a greater level of energy

Apex Office Interiors are pleased to offer this height adjustable electric desk at just £375.00 plus VAT. If you would like to come and try before you buy why not visit us at the showroom?

The desk is 1600mm x 800mm and the desk height and be adjusted between 705mm – 1095mm.

Contact Apex Office Interiors today to order your electronic height adjustable desk.

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